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Version 0.7.0 released!

Since the last release in April there have been many new additions, improvements and fixes for wishthis. Now, after five months it’s finally ready, version 0.7.0!

Most of the changes are UI and UX improvements, turning the basic wishthis platform into a more modern and fun software to use. The highlights (are not limited to but) include:

  • Option to stay logged in
  • Wishes can be edited from the wishlist now, without loading another page
  • A bunch of minor and bug fixes

For full list of changes, see the changelog:

I’m hoping to reduce the release cycle and make more frequent releases of wishthis to make changes more gradual and tested better. Speaking of, it would really help me if you switch to the release candidate of wishthis in your profile preferences. Be sure to give feedback! This way, I can ensure things are still working and can keep the frustration minimal for everybody else on the stable channel. Thank you for your service!