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Looking for testers

Hello all, I hope you are doing well!

First off, I would like to thank everybody using wishthis and sharing their feedback with me! I have received various bug reports, feature requests, security issues and general feedback.


Please visit and report bugs or let me know everything is still working fine for you.

The release candidate

Some of you have been using the release candidate of wishthis and probably haven’t noticed anything different to the stable branch or any changes in general. This is because I have spent a lot of time rewriting large parts of wishthis under consideration of your very much appreciated feedback!

It’s always been my goal to keep release cycles short but each change so far has been required as a result of a previous change. I guess you could call this technical debt which I apparently took in the early development period of wishthis.

Version 1.0.0

Anyhow, almost a year and 218 commits later (as of writing this), I am finally getting closer to the next (minor releases aside) and first stable release of wishthis 🥳!

There have been so many changes by now, I genuinely worry that things will not work well and I am hoping to avoid causing y’all a headache while attempting to use wishthis. Any developers reading this will probably think that’s what unit tests are for and I’d fully agree with you. I just don’t want to delay this release any longer than I already have. I work full-time and wishthis is just a hobby for me at this point so I usually spend very little time working on it.

To finally get to the point, I am asking that any adventurous and patient user here to test the newest changes on It would be very appreciated, before I push all of this to the release candidate, to then finally push everything to the stable branch.

Usually the database on the develop instance of wishthis is reset every night at around midnight but I’ve temporarily deactivated that until this testing period is over. If you need to login, you can use your credentials from the stable instance of wishthis.


There are currently three official wishthis instances which I am running:

wishthis.onlinestableInfrequent updates, most stable experience.
rc.wishthis.onlinerelease-candidateOccasional updates, potentially with minor bugs.
dev.wishthis.onlinedevelopFrequent updates, prone to bugs.
official wishthis instances

So why am I not just pushing the changes to the release candidate since it’s there for testing? Honestly, as of writing this, I have very little faith in the stability of the current state of wishthis. I’m not ready to piss of the release candidate users that much yet.

Furthermore, the release candidate is sharing a database with the stable instance. Since the database structure has been modified, I do not feel comfortable changing that before making sure everything else works. The development environment has it’s own database, which is a copy of the stable instance.

Thank you

I appreciate everybody’s feedback so far and I hope it will keep coming! Check the footer below if you would like to reach to me and/or anybody from the community.

Happy wishing!